Delta Wye Opens its Doors

Posted on November 18, 2022 written by Jeremie Bergeron

Delta Wye Engineering Ltd. is officially open for business!

After working in the engineering consulting business for over 15 years with great companies, inspiring individuals and valued clients, I am thrilled to announce that I will be continuing to provide excellence in engineering through my newly founded company, Delta Wye Engineering Ltd.

The meaning behind our company name

Delta comes from the Greek symbol “Δ” and Wye refers to the letter “Y. These two symbols represent the electrical connections in delta-wye transformers commonly used in power systems. Power transformers were invented over 100 years ago and continue to be used in commercial, utilities and heavy industries.

Meaning behind our name

In the same way that delta-wye transformers have stood the test of time as essential devices in our electrical power systems, Delta Wye Engineering Ltd. will do the same. My mission is to build a company that will stand the test of time through excellence in service, staying committed to our customers, and keeping true to our values.

Not just another engineering company

Delta Wye Engineering Ltd is committed to offering high quality, customer-centered services to ensure satisfaction with every service we provide. At Delta Wye we are bold communicators, we are experts at solving complex problems, we honour our commitments and we use modern technology to run our projects. Get to know us better by visiting our about us and industries and services pages. Read what others have said about us by checking out our testimonials or contact us with your questions.

Yes, we are hiring!

Delta Wye Engineering Ltd. is a fast-growing company and looking for new team members to join our dynamic team. If you’re interested in applying, have a look at our careers page. We hire a little differently at Delta Wye so be sure to take a moment to read about our hiring process.

I’m excited to build a better future with you all!

Best regards,
Jeremie Bergeron, P.Eng.